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Heroes To Zero

Written By Weslie Lechner

Published By Worldreader Originals

A series of short stories for children about climate change!

Book 1 Cover_edited


Book 1 Cover

Heroes to Zero #1: An Inconvenient Youth

After learning that 52 billion tons of greenhouse gasses are emitted each year, Millie Brown takes a vow of silence to raise awareness about climate change at her school. This leads her and her classmates to form the Heroes to Zero climate club and work towards turning their school into a Net Zero greenhouse gas emitter. This is a story about teamwork and making a big difference.


Heroes to Zero #2: Show and Sell

Banned from the science fair, Lucas Sanchez hatches a plan with his friend Amelia to turn the event into a statement on renewable energy. With humor and determination, they rally the Heroes to Zero climate club, defy the ban, and leave the school warmer and wiser. Lucas’s journey from prankster to climate champion proves that even the most unexpected individuals can spark positive change.


Heroes to Zero #3: Seeing is Believing

Lakshmi Gupta, the softball sensation, thought joining the Heroes to Zero climate club would be a grand slam. But what happens when her daily routine reveals a hidden environmental impact she never saw coming? Will Lakshmi sacrifice victory in order to give her school a wake-up call? Dive into this eco-adventure and discover how one girl's journey from impatience to empowerment sparks change!


Heroes to Zero #4: More Clean For More Green

Amelia Evans isn't one to take no for an answer, so when her proposal for electric school buses hits a roadblock, it's time to get creative! Will the Heroes to Zero climate club find the funds needed to give her proposal the green light? Buckle up for an unforgettable journey filled with unexpected turns.

Book 5 Cover.jpg

Heroes to Zero #5: Any Way You Slice It

When trouble brews at Woodrow Wilson Middle School, Asher Odinga's love for pies, pie charts, and peace offerings might just save the day. With the help of his friends, Asher cooks up a plan to convince the school to switch to electric buses. But will their efforts result in a sweet victory or a sour outcome?

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