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The Cross Dimensional Awareness of Izzy Speechbubbles

A graphic novel series about a girl who discovers she's a fourth-wall breaking, world-traveling comic character!

Izzy Speechbubbles Logo

Book #1

Izzy Speechbubbles is an eight year old girl who loves comics so much, no, that is not her real last name! But even Izzy didn’t see what was coming when she decides to run away from her supposedly unfair family one day. Upon running off of the comic panel she realized she inhabited, she learned that she was not only a comic character who could break the fourth wall, but she had the ability to travel from her comic world to other comic worlds in a realm known as the Nexus of all Comics! Now, get ready to travel alongside Izzy in her adventures as she learns what it means to give her family a chance – and whatever sure-to-be-crazy escapades will entail after that! Be aware that you may never see comics the same way again, and she’s very well aware of you. Behold, The Cross Dimensional Awareness of Izzy Speechbubbles!

Book #2: Making New Friends!

Ever since Izzy Speechbubbles found out she was a comic character as well as her ability to jump between comic worlds, she has been having the time of her life! Many worlds have been traversed with the unacceptable exception of Tropical Paradise Comics, but with responsibilities to uphold to with the new school year, that will unfortunately have to wait. When the great Dr. McErudine helps Izzy with her homework, he decides to lend her a device he made that enables teleportation to any world previously visited. But new distractions to paradise arrive with Izzy’s best friend, Ming, and Ming’s new friend, Demi, whom Izzy doesn’t exactly like after an unfortunate incident. And when Demi finds McErudine’s device and accidentally falls into the Nexus, Izzy will have to make choices that may involve spilling some secrets – and learn valuable lessons about friendship along the way.

Book #3: Finding Your Voice! (Coming Soon)

Izzy Speechbubbles is not a happy camper right now! She has found an expensive art easel that could take her art to the next level. But not only does she need the money for it, her older sister Isabelle has also grinded her for being excessively talkative and unable to save a mere penny! To prove her wrong, Izzy has found a way to kill two birds with one stone: to make a business in the World of Entrepreneurs, in which she uses her powers to sell a miraculous remedy to the mute: her own word balloons! Business is rocking, until a mysterious new villain named the Word Balloon Bandit raids Izzy’s business and uses its products to manipulate the Nexus of All Comics with disastrous intent. When Izzy tries to stop him, she learns of a nasty surprise: every time she speaks, it’s a new word balloon for the taking! In order to defeat the Word Balloon Bandit and get the rest of the money for the art easel, Izzy is going to have to learn that speaking isn’t everything when it comes to finding your voice.

Picture Book

This is an alternate version of the first book in the series, which is reimagined as a picture book and has a modified plot. Coloring is in progress.

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