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My name is Tyler Joshua Naimoli, and I am a children’s book writer, illustrator, cartoonist, graphic novelist and game designer based in New York City. Since I was ten years old, I have been creating all kinds of characters and works. They were all each their own thing until a few years later, when I decided to make all these works take place in the same continuity, which I call the Naimoli Universe! In May 2021, I graduated from Parsons School of Design and The New School with a dual degree in Illustration / Journalism + Design. In June 2022, I became a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI). This website is where I will be showcasing the body of my work, which includes ideas for children’s chapter book series, graphic novel series, a comic strip, and concepts for an edutainment franchise.

You have a right to share my work, for as long as you ask for my permission and credit me. Plagiarism and hate (subjective criticism) will not be acceptable. If you would like to use my work in any way beyond simply sharing it, feel free to contact me; check the Contact page for more information.

Comment Policy

  1. Please don’t deceive others. Nobody likes to be the victim of a con-artist. Posing as another user (stealing their identity or impersonating them) is a major violation of my rules.

    • IMPORTANT: This also includes myself (plagiarism). Not crediting me as the creator of my work or manipulating my work against my wishes in any capacity will have serious consequences.

  2. Be respectful towards your fellow commenters. I would like to not contribute to one of the more chaotic comment sections out there on the Internet, and would appreciate a peaceful community. This includes but is not limited to no bullying, calling people names, spreading false rumors, etc.

    • IMPORTANT: This also includes myself (hate/subjective criticism), and depending on the severity of the circumstances, breaking this rule as applied to me runs the biggest chance of you getting banned.

  3. No inappropriate content. Please do not use profanity, post insulting or offensive content, or debate controversial topics unrelated to the content of the site. Keep everything child-friendly.

  4. Keep to the subject of the content of the site. This means to generally keep the discussion on my content. Anything related is fine.

  5. Please do not share personal information. Also, be sure to not ask for any from others.

  6. Stay on topic. Put your comments in the right posts and pages. For example, if you want to talk about The Bermuda Adventures, it would be best to do it on a post or page that is focusing on that series.

  7. Don’t spam. As applied to this site, this means no:

    • Typing something random that makes no sense

    • Having little to no reason to advertise your own site, if you have one

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