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Sammy Specificspif

A comic strip about a five-year-old boy who takes everything literally!

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Sammy Specificspif is a curious five-year-old boy that, as his last name implies, takes everything literally! Sammy is eager to learn more about the world around him, which can either result in making people realize their mistakes to (usually) creating chaos on a massive scale. While most people usually can't tolerate Sammy’s acts, they take it for granted that life wouldn’t be the same without him. Whether its dealing with his similarly acting archrival Larry Literalamb, mean fifth-grade bully Tyranno-Bully, his crabby next door neighbor Mr. Langley, or his teacher who has never had a student like him, Ms. Limlean, nothing in this community is safe from being interpreted in a very specific manner!⁠


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Arc 1: The Great River Drencher

Arc 3: Sammy and Mr. Langley

Arc 5: Super Sammy

Arc 2: Mark the Shark