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Welcome to the Books page of Naimoli Universe! This is the repository for all books-related content that is released here on the site. 

Operation Awesome

A chapter book about a boy trying to make friends in middle school!

Heroes To Zero

Written By Weslie Lechner

Published By Worldreader Originals

A series of short stories for children about climate change!

That Stinks Cover

That Stinks!


Written by Rebecca Fenton

Published by Worldreader Originals

Now Available in Spanish!

Woah, what's that smell? In this book we've collected some of our best and worst stinks to make you grimace and giggle… though you might have to hold your nose at the same time! From skunks to smelly armpits, you'll find loads of gross and grizzly stenches to stir your senses here. And maybe you can think of a list of your own to add, too!

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