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Get Ready For Waste Not, Want Not and Careful What You Wish For!

Hello everyone, and I'm back with a couple new announcements! I have illustrated the sixth and seventh Heroes to Zero books for Worldreader, a series of short stories for children aged 10-12 about climate change by Weslie Lechner, titled Heroes to Zero #6: Waste Not, Want Not and Heroes to Zero #7: Careful What You Wish For!

Shortly before I finished the fourth and fifth books in February 2024, Worldreader sent me the manuscripts for the sixth and seventh books in the Heroes to Zero series. As you already know, the first five books focused on Millie Brown, Lucas Sanchez, Lakshmi Gupta, Amelia Evans and Asher Odinga, and now, the sixth and seventh books focus on Matthew Lui and Maya Ritter! As with the first five books, I really liked the stories, and I couldn't wait to work on them. The end result was two books released on BookSmart that you can check out now! Below are the covers to the sixth and seventh books and their synopses:

When the climate club celebrates a victory in reducing food waste, Matthew Lui, a math-savvy sleuth with a nose for mysteries, uncovers the shocking reality about the cafeteria's actual environmental impact. Follow along as Matthew reveals the facts and sparks a new mission for the Heroes to Zero.

Though hesitant to enter the spotlight, Maya Ritter is determined to find her inner strength. When she joins the Heroes to Zero climate club, she's unsure if she can make a difference. Can Maya overcome her doubts and inspire her school to reduce waste and combat climate change? Find out in this heartwarming tale that teaches us that even the quietest voices can spark profound change.

On top of this, I've added links to the books' pages on BookSmart to the Heroes to Zero page, which you can check out here or access through the Books page. In other news for Spanish-speaking readers, you can read Heroes To Zero #1: An Inconvenient Youth and Heroes to Zero #2: Show and Sell in Spanish on BookSmart now! You can check those out here and here or in links on the Heroes To Zero page. A Swahili-language version of the series is also in development. Below are the Spanish language covers to both books:

Are you interested in checking out what our favorite mathematician and volunteer are up to? If so, I'm currently working on the eighth, ninth and tenth books with Worldreader, though they're still in the early stages of development. So, be sure to stay tuned for when our aspiring environmentalists' next adventures are released!

Until then, stay enlightened, educated and entertained by all the food audits, folks.



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