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Get Ready For The Final Adventure of The Heroes To Zero!

Hello everyone, and I'm back with a new announcement! I have illustrated the tenth and final Heroes to Zero book for Worldreader, a series of short stories for children aged 10-12 about climate change by Weslie Lechner, titled Heroes to Zero #10: 2, 4, 6, 8…

To Change the World, Participate!

Shortly before I finished the eighth and ninth books earlier this month, Worldreader sent me the manuscript for the tenth and final book in the Heroes to Zero series. As you already know, the first nine books focused on Millie Brown, Lucas Sanchez, Lakshmi Gupta, Amelia Evans, Asher Odinga, Matthew Lui, Maya Ritter, Andy Garcia and Tommy Jackson, and now, the tenth and final book focuses on Charlotte McPherson! As with the first nine books, I really liked the story, and I couldn't wait to work on it. The end result was a book released on BookSmart that you can check out now! Below is the cover to the book and its synopsis:

Kids' voices are often overlooked, but Charlotte and the Heroes to Zero climate club refuse to stay silent. When plans to destroy the woods to create a mall appear to be moving ahead, they spring into action. Through determination, creativity, and a few laughs, they're hopeful their voices can spark big change. But will they be heard? Read to find out!

On top of this, I've added a link to the book's page on BookSmart to the Heroes to Zero page, which you can check out here or access through the Books page. In other news for Swahili-speaking readers, you can read Heroes To Zero #1: An Inconvenient Youth and Heroes to Zero #2: Show and Sell in Swahili on the African version of BookSmart now! For readers outside Africa, below is the Swahili language cover to the first book:

Also, did you check out Worldreader's Earth Day campaign for Heroes to Zero? If you did, it was a great time! In addition to promoting the series on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, Worldreader also released a post on their blog about the series, which you can check out here! Here's an excerpt from the post below:

Climate education helps children develop the skills and knowledge they need to face our changing reality. It can be a difficult subject to discuss with young readers. But by introducing these topics early, children can become conscious of their impact on the world around them and how climate will shape their future. While reading about topics like wildlife or water, we can empower the youngest generation to become environmental heroes. That’s why we’re proud to feature this series as it tackles some of the world’s most pressing issues. The Heroes to Zero series, published by Worldreader, gives children the opportunity to explore the world around them and learn about how we can make it more sustainable through the characters’ eco-adventures.

Also in the blog post, Worldreader posted a video of Weslie Lechner reading an excerpt from An Inconvenient Youth, which was also shared on social media. The video has also been added to the Heroes to Zero page and the website's Home page, where you can now view other videos on the website in a video player! The video player is where all future videos related to my work will be compiled. The video has also been posted below:

Much like the Heroes to Zero page, the post also features links to each book in the series on BookSmart. Are you interested in checking out what our favorite politician is up to? It was a pleasure to illustrate this series for Worldreader and Weslie Lechner, and I'm hopeful that my work on Heroes To Zero will lead me to work on more projects like it in the future.

Until then, stay enlightened, educated and entertained, folks.



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