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Buy a Coffee for Naimoli Universe on Ko-Fi!

Hello everyone, and I have an abrupt announcement to make. I have decided to discontinue Patreon, and have instead joined Ko-Fi under the name Naimoli Universe, which is where I will now be revealing most of my content first before I release it anywhere else!

You can now view my Ko-Fi page on the Other Sites page and in the Other Sites dropdown menu on the website's header, where Patreon used to be. But why did I leave Patreon and join Ko-Fi? You see, no one has become a patron since I launched it despite months of promoting it, and it's getting exhausting producing monthly content for an account that no one has engaged with. It wasn't an easy decision to come to, but it's far more ideal. Why? Because the shift enables work behind a paywall to be accessed by a donation rather than a membership, which requires far less work to maintain. I have more important things to do concerning my career than creating enough paid content for fans to consume each month, such as working towards publication or a job in the children's book industry. That doesn't mean my workflow will significantly decrease, but just enough to give proper attention to tasks that need it.

As for what this means for my actual content, the following changes have been made:

  • All of my paid content can now be accessed by giving me a $5 donation (or a $5 "coffee", if you will) every month, even if the paid content was behind a $10 paywall when it was on Patreon. You can also offer an automatic monthly donation to ensure uninterrupted access to paid content.

  • Unfortunately, there will no longer be early access to new chapters to Operation Awesome, which means that Operation Awesome content will not be posted to Ko-Fi. However, I will still post about new chapters on Ko-Fi to inform fans who first find me there about it.

  • All of my completed content that had not yet been released on Patreon at the time it was discontinued is now on Ko-Fi, though it is behind a paywall like my released paid content.

  • I will no longer be offering exclusive access to early stages of my artwork, though my character design guides are still available. I might offer access to early stages of my artwork again in the future, but it will depend on which artwork I'm offering access to early stages of.

  • As to when paid content will be made free, it will be made free when I decide it's for free, rather than at the start of a month, which is the main point of this move.

I know that some of these changes are better than others, but I hope you understand why I made the changes that I made. It will ultimately lead to me producing better content for you, the fans, and that's what I'm excited about the most. I hope this yields better results (or coffee) for me than Patreon did, and it will be an honor to receive your support.

Until then, stay enlightened, educated and entertained, folks!


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