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Announcing A Chapter Book for Patreon: Operation Awesome!

Hello everyone, and I am happy to announce that the Operation Awesome page is officially up on Naimoli Universe! Also, I have joined Patreon under the name Naimoli Universe, where I will now be revealing the body of my content first before I release it anywhere else!

You can now view my Patreon page in the Other Sites dropdown menu on the website's header. But why am I joining Patreon? As I increase my work output, I feel that I should be making some money off my work ahead of whenever I get a book deal. As this is obviously my first time doing this, and the last thing I'd want is to do something money-related that can get a fanbase upset, I'll try to be as fair as I can with pricing, which I'll explain shortly.

But what exactly is Operation Awesome about? Below is the book's official synopsis:

Kendrick “Kenny” Blackwell is a kid of many creations. He is the writer of all stories set in the Universe of Awesome, including such characters as Izzy Speechbubbles, Spectrum Girl and The Amerikids. This would probably be fine – except that this is really all he does. Much to the dismay of his parents, he never needed friends because he created his own. No one really interacted with him throughout his elementary school years, and he has no regrets. But now that he’s heading to Brighton Middle School, things are about to change, whether he likes it or not. His parents threaten to get him help from special aides if he doesn’t find a group of friends before the end of the school year. But then he meets Kaelynn “Kay” Morgan, a boisterous and outgoing girl who is interested in him and his work. When she hears of his parents’ threat, she hatches an elaborate plan to show his creations to the whole school, so he can attract the attention of many new friends. However, he believes that kids’ interests change for the worse in middle school. He thinks his case is a lost cause, yet she refuses to give up. But before he knows it, he ends up making more enemies than friends, who have differing ideas on the interests of middle schoolers. With only ten months to prove himself, will Kendrick prevail? It’s an ambitious operation indeed, but it’s one that’s worth fighting for if it means a more awesome time in middle school. It’s time to commence Operation Awesome!

Now, you may recall Izzy Speechbubbles from none other than The Cross Dimensional Awareness of Izzy Speechbubbles. That's because Operation Awesome and The Cross Dimensional Awareness of Izzy Speechbubbles are connected - I'm doing a slight retcon in which Kendrick is the writer of Izzy Speechbubbles rather than me, though I will still be putting my name on Izzy Speechbubbles covers. Below are the book's official front and back covers:

The book has ten chapters, one for each month of Kendrick's school year. As it is a long story, I will be releasing a chapter a month. The first chapter, titled “September Beginnings”, is now available on Patreon by becoming an All-Access Patron for $10 a month, and will be released on Naimoli Universe for free in September. From then on, you can get early access to the next chapter on Patreon before it is released for free. That's right, this means that if you're a student in grade school, you will be experiencing your school year with Kendrick (unless your school year starts in August, or you have a completely different education entirely). This was an idea that I had long before I was confident enough to redo and release the project. Becoming an All-Access Patron also gives you the additional benefits of exclusive access to early stages of my artwork, and character design guides that I use for your own reference. But if you don't want to become an All-Access Patron just yet and are just interested in the free chapters, you can simply become an Official Patron for $5 a month, where you will get early access to character design sheets and Instagram artwork before I post them to Instagram and Naimoli Universe. Whichever choice you make, I also posted a sample of the first chapter below, which you can also view on the Operation Awesome page:

Are you excited for Operation Awesome? Let me know what you think, and remember, constructive criticism is the kind of criticism that I appreciate. Stay enlightened, educated, and entertained, folks. ;)



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