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A New Heroes to Zero Book for Worldreader: Seeing Is Believing!

Hello everyone, and I'm back with a new announcement! I have illustrated the third Heroes to Zero book for Worldreader, a series of short stories for children aged 10-12 about climate change by Weslie Lechner, titled Heroes to Zero #3: Seeing Is Believing!

Shortly before I finished the second book in December 2023, Worldreader sent me the manuscript for the third book in the Heroes to Zero series. As you already know, the first book focused on Millie Brown, the second book focused on Lucas Sanchez, and now, the third book focuses on Lakshmi Gupta! As with the first two books, I really liked the story, and I couldn't wait to work on it. The end result was a book released on BookSmart that you can check out now! Below is the cover to the book and its synopsis:

Lakshmi Gupta, the softball sensation, thought joining the Heroes to Zero climate club would be a grand slam. But what happens when her daily routine reveals a hidden environmental impact she never saw coming? Will Lakshmi sacrifice victory in order to give her school a wake-up call? Dive into this eco-adventure and discover how one girl's journey from impatience to empowerment sparks change!

On top of this, I've added a link to the book's page on BookSmart to the Heroes to Zero page, which you can check out here or access through the Books page. Did you know that Worldreader also translates their books into other languages? For Spanish-speaking readers, you can also read That Stinks, my first book with Worldreader, in Spanish on BookSmart now! You can check that out here or in a link on the Books page. Below is the Spanish language cover to that book:

Are you interested in checking out what our favorite softball player is up to? If so, I'm currently working on the fourth and fifth books with Worldreader, though they're still in the early stages of development. So, be sure to stay tuned for when our aspiring environmentalists' next adventures are released!

Until then, stay enlightened, educated and entertained by all the softball games, folks.



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