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Welcome To The New Naimoli Universe!

Hello everyone, and welcome to the first post of the official website for the new Naimoli Universe!

My name is Tyler Joshua Naimoli, and I am an aspiring children’s book author and illustrator based in New York City. Since I was ten years old, I knew that this was the career path I was going to take, and for years I have been creating all kinds of characters and works. They were all each their own thing until a few years ago, when I decided to make all these works take place in the same continuity, which I call the Naimoli Universe! This May, I graduated at Parsons School of Design with an Illustration/Journalism + Design degree. My college education has taught me many of the fundamentals that I am going to need for my career, of which I couldn’t be more grateful for.

You may already know me from the Naimoli Children’s Books Blog, where I discuss other children’s book media. I haven’t been posting there as often as I used to, due to my efforts to focus more on my own projects. There, I have also shown work that I didn’t have any plans to publish, due to my initial belief that putting work on the Internet can mitigate the chances of it being published. But now, I’ve changed my mind and am relaxing my content policy. College has taught me that in this day and age, publishers are actually searching the Internet for content by aspiring writers and illustrators to see if they have enough interest in their work to make them published authors. I’ve also decided that if I’m going to truly get noticed by publishers, I’m going to need another website solely dedicated to my work, while the blog will be solely dedicated to my discussion of other children’s book media. Additionally, getting my audience hyped for what I eventually plan to put out in the years to come will only be beneficial for me in the long run.

You may also already know me from the old Naimoli Universe, and am probably wondering: why did you completely revamp the site? Wasn't the old one good as it is? Yes and no. Both the blog and the old Naimoli Universe were created with WordPress, while the new Naimoli Universe was created with Wix. I actually tried using Wix to create a website before in 2016, two years before I launched the blog. However, I got frustrated with the process and quit pretty quickly, and I wasn't in college yet, so I guess I just wasn't ready to use Wix yet at the time. Fast forward to 2021, when Parsons gave me a blessing as an alumni: a tutorial on how to use Wix and a free year-long subscription to many of Wix's features. It was an offer I just couldn't pass up, despite my previous experiences using Wix. Although it was only a bit frustrating putting this site together at first, it soon became a relatively surprising cakewalk. (I also suspect that Wix itself just got easier to use since 2016 on top of the help college gave me.)

But what does the Naimoli Universe consist of? Everything will be revealed in time, and hopefully soon. But I am writing three different children’s chapter book series, an informative one, an educational one, and a comical one. I am also writing three different graphic novel series, a comic strip, and concepts for an edutainment franchise. For now, I have posted the works of a comic series called The Cross Dimensional Awareness of Izzy Speechbubbles. I have also teased other projects I am working on, including another chapter book I plan to release over the course of next year titled Operation A.W.E.S.O.M.E., which I will discuss in detail in another post.

Now, you'd think that it'd be easier to maintain an active online presence because I no longer have college duties, but that's not necessarily true. I'm currently working on launching my career, and there is still the time required to make and edit content. However, I still try my best to make the best content I could possibly make, and I hope to post more often on the new Naimoli Universe than I did on the old one. Ultimately, I will do everything I can to maintain my presence, but if I simply can’t I will be sure to provide updates regarding when I will be able to post again.

But that’s all for now guys! You got to know me, and I can’t wait to get to know you all!

Stay enlightened, educated and entertained,




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