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The Bermuda Adventures

A chapter book series about three friends who go on vacation to the Bermuda Triangle!

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Johnny Summers can’t wait to go on vacation to Bermuda with Steven Waters and Kaitlin Flowers, his two best friends in the world! Getting away from detention, homework and his mean teacher Ms. Darnell? Enjoying smoothies, tanning, surfing and volleyball? What more could a kid ask for? But things take an unexpected turn when the plane flies into the Bermuda Triangle and crash lands in Paradaisia, a technologically advanced Pan-Caribbean island nation isolated from the rest of the world. At first, Johnny enjoys the fact that he and everyone else who crashes is allegedly stuck on the islands forever. But he begins to change his attitude when his parents are unable to contact the rest of his family. With the help of some new friends, it’s up to Johnny to prove himself to his parents and make them proud of him by enabling contact with the rest of the world. But it’s not so easy when a winter-obsessed boy is trying to plunge Paradaisia into an ice age – and releases an alien from a temple who seeks to create a colonial empire on Earth, with Paradaisia as its first colony!



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