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Teasing More Properties For The Future!

Hello everyone! Now that the Captain Console and Operation Awesome pages are officially up on Naimoli Universe, I think that now is the perfect time to reveal some more of my work. And if you've been browsing through the site, you may have noticed something unexpected in the Comics page: the reveal of two more properties that I will provide more details of in the future! The first one is a comic strip I hope to eventually put out on Patreon titled Sammy Specificspif!

The story of a five-year-old boy who takes everything literally, Sammy Specificspif was conceived way back in 2008, when I was simply walking down the street in my neighborhood and came up with the idea of what was then a five-year old boy who takes everything literally. In the years since, I wrote over 100 strips about Sammy's antics, but as I was eleven when I started, I wasn't an expert on comic strips, so they were very amateurish, especially in the beginning. I would often vary the number of panels instead of sticking to three or four, and I didn't write weekly storylines.

Later on, I did stick to four panels, though I never really got around to weekly storylines. Eventually, I stopped writing the strip entirely, but I still had dreams of redoing the strips someday for syndication. And with the launch of my Patreon, I've decided to finally reveal it. And while anything is possible as far as syndication is concerned, I decided to just redo the strips now and release them on Patreon. During the process, I carefully analyzed the strips and rearranged the order I drew them, so I can see if there were weekly storylines in there somewhere. Often, the storylines I found didn't meet the six-strip requirement, so I made some new strips connecting the old strips. As for how the strip will be made available on Patreon, I already have the details outlined, but I've decided to wait until I'm actually ready to release the strip to reveal them. In the meantime, you can view a poster for Sammy Specificspif by becoming an Official Patron on Patreon, but it will not be made free until I'm ready to release the strip.

The second property is another graphic novel series that I plan to publish in the future like Captain Console: The Cosmorphs!

The Cosmorphs is about a trio of children from Alburquerque, New Mexico who stumble upon a mysterious orb they encounter in a downed U.F.O. in Roswell that gives them shapeshifting powers that they use to stop a secret alien invasion across the galaxy. The series is set in the same continuity as Captain Console, The Bermuda Adventures and Sammy Specificspif, but not Operation Awesome and The Cross Dimensional Awareness of Izzy Speechbubbles. You can now also view a poster for The Cosmorphs by becoming an Official Patron on Patreon, but it will not be made free until I have sufficient materials to share for it. Those will actually begin coming out in September, but you'll have to stay tuned to see what those materials are.

So, are you excited about my plans for Sammy Specificspif and The Cosmorphs? Let me know what you think, and as usual, stay enlightened, educated and entertained, folks.

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