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Q and A Session with The Cast of The Bermuda Adventures - Part One

Hello everyone, and I'm back with an interesting new post. If you've been on my DeviantArt, you may have noticed that I've been posting each new chapter of Operation Awesome and a Captain Console character design sheet each month. That tends to bring with it some new favorites and watchers, but it wasn't too long after I posted this month's content that I got a request from a new watcher named MLPFan053: A Q and A session with the cast of The Bermuda Adventures, namely the founding members of the Bermuda Adventurers!

Naturally, I had to take MLPFan up on his offer. As I stated in my original post about The Bermuda Adventures, I would be compiling the answers to any questions about the series in a FAQ section at the bottom of the Bermuda Adventures page. And now the time has come to do so. But enough about that - our juvenile adventurers are getting a bit too impatient to talk a little bit more about themselves, so let's get to the Q and A!


Hey there, guys and girls of Paradaisia. My name is MLPFan053, and I had been reading about the amazing adventures that you guys had on those wonderful islands that all of you are staying on right now.

I hope that any or all of you wouldn't mind that I'll ask you a few questions, right? Great.

1) Questions for Johnny Summers:

Q: Dear Johnny, like sunbathing, huh? What is it about sunbathing that made you consider it as your personal summertime activity, Johnny?

A: Relaxing, relaxing, and more relaxing, baby! After a tough school year with the meanest social studies teacher you can imagine, you just want to spend your days doing nothing more than lying down in the sun, you know?

Q: Dear Johnny, other than sunbathing, what kind of activity that you like to do during the summer would you consider as your personal favorite summertime activity?

A: I think surfing is pretty cool! Have you tried a Three-Board? It’s an invention from my friend Matthew. You can go surfing, skateboarding AND hoverboarding on it! Beach volleyball is also growing on me. Ananya, Claudia, Monique and Suzanna love to play that. But going on Bermuda Adventures with everyone else is probably the best summertime activity of all!

Q: Dear Johnny, what is it about summer that you consider it as your personal favorite out of the four seasons?

A: It’s hot, just the way I like it! School’s also out, which means you don’t have to get dressed to go to school. Just let the sun’s rays soak your body, cool off with some water and ice cream, and you’re good to go!

2) Questions for Steven Waters:

Q: Dear Steven, so...word on the waves is that you're an accomplished swimmer, right??? That means you must have participated in a number of swimming competitions, right???

A: Indeed, I have! I crush stereotypes on the DAILY. At Ludington Middle School, I was the most celebrated and respected student at swim meet. I know being stuck in Paradaisia means that I won’t be able to maintain that reputation in the seventh grade, but it doesn’t bother me. Have you SEEN this place?!?

Q: With that said, how long have you been swimming? How many swimming competitions have you entered so far? How many swimming competitions have you won so far?

A: I’ve been swimming since the first grade and entered too many competitions to count. After occasionally winning competitions, I achieved a streak of nine wins before I ended up in Paradaisia. Now I plan to get my tenth consecutive win in this year’s annual Paradaisian Open Water Swimming Competition. That should be a piece of cake. I mean, who could POSSIBLY come along to challenge me?

Q: Dear Steven, other than swimming, what kind of water sport would you consider as your personal favorite sport to do whenever you're in or around water?

A: I also surf, even before I met Matthew and got my own snazzy Three-Board. I tried teaching Johnny and Kaitlin, but they were not interested until a moment when they really needed it. Diving is also pretty cool! Gliding across water is much different from exploring the ocean. Paradaisian waters are especially beautiful!

Q: Dear Steven, how do you manage to keep yourself in shape so that you would be able to stay in tip-top condition whenever you are partaking in any swimming competitions?

A: Lots and lots of training! At Ludington Middle School, I also had a high physical education grade. I can’t be graded in Paradaisia, obviously, so I especially have to maintain my physique here, but it’s actually pretty easy. The ocean is great, but I really love the swimming holes. Though sometimes I feel that I’ve done enough training, and I relax like Johnny does. He makes it look easy!

3) Questions for Kaitlin Flowers:

Q: Dear Kaitlin, like flowers, huh? Well then, tell me. What flower would you consider as your personal favorite flower?

A: Well, I think the flower on my headband is a Hibiscus, so I guess that’s my favorite. But I like all flowers really. Paradaisia is a melting pot of Caribbean cultures, and it’s apparently a cultural custom for girls to wear the national flower of the respective country their ancestors were from in their hair.

Monique also has a Hibiscus in her hair. Ananya has what she calls a Chaconia, and Suzanna has what’s called a Mariposa. Claudia has what’s called a Bayahibe, which are apparently endangered in the outside world. But they’re plentiful in Paradaisia like many other endangered or extinct Caribbean species.

Q: Dear Kaitlin, you know... For a smart girl who likes flowers, you sure know how to look cute and stylish whenever you are in a tropical environment. What's your secret?

A: Oh, stop it! Sometimes I’m actually insecure about my appearance because of Victoria. She was the most popular girl at Ludington Middle School before she TOO ended up in Paradaisia with me. What are the odds, right?

But that was when I found out that Victoria and I buy from many of the same clothing brands. For example, we both bought new swimsuits for this summer at Suntropics Swimwear. What are the odds, right?

Q: Dear Kaitlin, what is it about flowers that made you love them very much?

A: They’re really pretty! And they come from nature, which is a very fascinating thing to read about. I like to spend my days at the beach reading a good book about plants and animals or history. Victoria can call me weird all she wants for that, but you never know when that knowledge will come in handy for the next Bermuda Adventure!

4) Questions for Jasper Lively:

Q: Dear Jasper, like archaeology, huh? Tell me. What kind of interesting historical finds had you found so far? Any...Artifacts? Relics? Maybe a few fossils by any chance?

A: Ooh, are you interested in archeology yourself, my friend? Paradaisia is like no other place in the Caribbean in terms of how much of it is shrouded in mystery. There are many gaps in its early history that we’re still trying to uncover. Every now and then, my family does find artifacts and relics of a mysterious culture that existed here before the modern Paradaisian people arrived. For example, there is this miniature tablet I wear as a necklace, which has symbols that are presumably of their language. As for fossils, there isn’t too much of that. There are so many animals here thought to be extinct elsewhere, though, so I guess that’s not too surprising!

Q: Dear Jasper, so...your family had a TV documentary series, huh? Mysteries of the Caribbean, was it? How long was it on air? What was it about?

A: Ah, yes! Mysteries of the Caribbean was on the air for about five years. I traveled with my parents on a private plane to unravel some of the greatest mysteries in the Caribbean. We’d then report back to Jamaica, where we’d document our findings. Sadly, after my parents and I crash-landed here in Paradaisia, the show had to be canceled because its hosts went missing. But that’s okay – if we ever find a way out of here, I’ll be sure to share everything I’ve learned about Paradaisia with the rest of world, my friend!

Q: Dear Jasper, what exactly inspired you into wanting to become an archaeologist someday?

A: I was six years old when my parents started Mysteries of the Caribbean. I grew up behind the camera with them, so I guess you can say I’m continuing my parents’ legacy, my friend. And there is so much opportunity for me in Paradaisia – there are more mysteries to uncover here than anywhere else in the Caribbean combined!

5) Questions for Matthew Sanchez:

Q: Dear Matthew, I had read about your family's wonderful invention aka the Three-Board. I got to’s a really impressive piece of work, my friend. So... tell me. What exactly inspired your family to create this incredible invention, Matthew?

A: Glad you asked! My parents and I developed the concepts for what would become the Three-Board during our diving, swimming, and surfing by the beach when we were still in Miami. But it wasn’t until we ended up in Paradaisia that we found the mechanisms required to make the board work. Are you interested in getting one? There’s a sale going on right now at Matthew’s Miraculous Memorabilia! Just saying.

Q: Dear Matthew, woah...your parents are actually the owners of a submarine tour? That sounds awesome! Can you please tell me a few interesting things about it?

A: No problem! After I came up with the idea for Matthew’s Miraculous Memorabilia, my parents founded Sanchez Multi-Boat Tours, where they make and sell Multi-Boats and also give tours of the country in them. They take visitors all kinds of places in Paradaisian waters, from the coral reefs to the Mouchoir Blue Hole. Interested in a Multi-Boat or a tour? There’s a sale going on right now at Sanchez Multi-Boat Tours as well! Just saying.

Q: Dear Matthew, so...since your family seemed to be a bunch of brilliant inventors, I can also assume that you are also a brilliant inventor, right???? If that's the case, then tell me. Have you made any marvelous inventions on your own so far? If so, then can you please tell me about them? I would love to hear about said inventions of yours, Matthew.

A: Why, indeed I have made quite a few inventions! I’m pretty much the brains of the Bermuda Adventurers. My devices have come in handy on quite a few of our adventures. But it’s not just the inventions, actually. I’ve repaired damaged devices and even helped build structures such as a palatial sandcastle on Navidad Island that we all helped make one day at the beach. You should come join us in there sometime! It’s totally safe, I promise.

6) Questions for Turabo Carballo:

Q: Dear Turabo, so...I heard that you're pretty skilled in using the baira aka the Taino bow, huh??? Wow, you must be really skilled in archery, huh? Tell me. How long have you been crafting your archery skills?

A: My people are very serious about preserving and passing down our cultural traditions. After all, we were almost wiped out by Spanish colonization. My parents in particular are skilled warriors who have taught me how to use various weapons for self-defense since I was very little. It didn’t take long for me to realize that my favorite was the baira, so that’s what they taught me the most. I’ve found it to be very useful during my team’s adventures.

Q: Dear Turabo,’re the son of Paradaisia's president, huh? Tell me. Doesn't it scare you at times? I mean, since you are literally related to your home's leader, the pressure of following your dad's example might be undoubtedly placed onto you by your fellow citizens. Don't those kinds of expectations intimidate you at times, Turabo? Hmm....BTW, I am not accusing you of anything, Turabo. I'm just asking an honest question that demands an honest answer. It's okay. As long as your answer's honest, I won't judge. I promise.

A: Ha, it’s okay, I get it. I never really thought about it, actually. I guess I was just raised to believe that I could do anything. I’m sure that’s the same mindset that brought my father to the presidency. There’s no guarantee I’ll become a future president of Paradaisia, of course, since this is a democracy, not a monarchy. Though I will tell you this: being the leader of the Bermuda Adventurers has honed my leadership skills in ways I never really expected. So, you never know, I guess.

Q: Dear Turabo, hmm...say, Turabo. Since you seem to be so insistent that the island and its' citizens must be ready for all kinds of potential threats, I wouldn't happen to be teaching self-defense classes to your fellow Paradaisians, right? Just asking out of curiosity, mind you.

A: Huh. I typically say that from a political perspective, but that’s actually a pretty good idea. My teammates could at the very least learn how to use weapons like I do. Now that I think about it, Ananya has expressed interest in calinda, and Monique has expressed interest in tire machete fencing. Maybe I’ll have a meeting with them now about it. Are you also interested in taking classes? We’ll need all the help we can get!

7) Questions for Ananya Maharaj:

Q: Dear Ananya, so... I can see that you are an expert in so many kinds of music, Ananya. Calypso. Soca. Steel pan. Chutney. Basically, the kind of music that both reminds a person of a happy and beautiful tropical island as well as having the ability to motivate a person to get up and dance. So... tell me. What exactly inspired you to become a musician in all of those wonderful kinds of music, Ananya? How long have you been honing your musical skills, Ananya?

A: Well, my parents have been teaching me how to play music since I was six. My father first taught me how to play chutney, that Indo-Caribbean genre you just mentioned. But I also love steel pan. I went on to write whole albums of instrumentals that I sell at Maharaj Music. Would you like to get one? Everyone loves to watch me play my music in front of the store. And my teammates love to dance to my beats whenever we party!

Q: Dear Ananya, so...word on the waves is that your family is the owner of a rather interesting and fun business on the island itself, eh??? Maharaj Music, was it? So... can you please tell me a few exciting and intriguing things about it? Like, for example.... how did the business come to be? What's your family like? Are they into fun and energetic music like you?

A: Well, as you might have noticed, my parents are also musicians, and in Paradaisia, it’s very easy to create your own business with all its resources, so that’s what they did. Any business could play music when you enter it, but you never forget you’re in the Most Beautiful Place on Earth when you hear our playlist! And my parents also teach my younger brother Anand how to play music. He’s just as energetic to learn as I am!

Q: Dear Ananya, what is it about Trinidad and Tobago that made you consider your plan of visiting those two islands someday?

A: Well, it’s the birthplace of many of the music genres I play! And it’s where my ancestors are from, of course. I really, REALLY hope I can hear the musicians in Trinidad and Tobago play and join them in their music! But there’s the other attractions too. Paradaisian Carnival is great and all, but the Children’s Carnival in T&T must be amazing! And I hear Tobago is more relaxing compared to Trinidad. Imagine how serene the beaches there must be!

8) Questions for Claudia Martinez:

Q: Dear Claudia, so...I heard that you are a very good dancer, huh??? So... tell me. What exactly inspired you to become a dancer, Claudia? How long have you been honing your dancing skills, Claudia? In fact, while we're on a subject, I had also heard that you are very skilled in a particular type of dance known as the Merengue Dance. With that said, tell me. Have you ever considered it as a very hard task? When I say "it", I meant the search for a partner who can dance the Merengue just as good as you, I mean.

A: Ooh, I’ll get to that, but yeah, it was all my mother; she’s the dancer in the family. Quite literally, I started to follow her footsteps in dancing when I was six. Whenever we dance during a party, my teammates can’t help but to stop and watch me, and I love it! As for that perfect partner, I’m always searching for him…with mixed results. But until I find him, the partners I HAVE found serve their purpose pretty well – helping me teach my national dance to other people!

Q: Dear Claudia, so...word on the waves is that your family is the owner of a rather fun and exciting business on the island itself, eh??? The Martinez Dance Company, was it? So... can you please tell me a few exciting and intriguing things about it? Like, for example... how did the business came to be? What's your family like? Are they also people who love to boogie and dance like you?

A: Ooh, yeah! Our business was also all my mother, but my father helped her create it as well. Every now and then, people come in wanting to know how to bust their next move, especially leading up to carnivals and festivals, and obviously, I’m more than happy to provide my services. My older sister Julieta is also a dancer and helps teach people how to dance as well. But my father actually used to be a baseball player. He’s taught me quite a bit about our national sport!

Q: Dear Claudia, what is it about the Dominican Republic that made you consider your plan of visiting that country someday?

A: OOH! Where do I begin? Well, my ancestors are from there. And it is an absolute DREAM of mine to witness the dancers in the Dominican Republic bust their moves at events like the Merengue Festival and join them in the festivities! But there’s other places I would love to visit. Did you know the D.R. has both the highest and lowest elevation in the Caribbean? And Santo Domingo has a number of firsts in the Americas. The locals will never forget me the day I arrive!

9) Questions for Monique Beauvais:

Q: Dear Monique, so... I heard that you are a very good cook, huh??? So... tell me. What exactly inspired you to become a cook, Monique? How long have you been honing your culinary skills, Monique?

A: Why, are you hungry? You’ve come to the right cook! Us Haitians take our food VERY seriously, but my parents are particularly passionate about cooking. They’ve been teaching me how to keep the belly full since I was six, and for the longest time, I didn’t know anything else. But that’s fine, because the smiles I see from my teammates when they eat my food makes me smile back!

Q: Dear Monique, so...word on the waves is that your family is the owner of a nice and popular restaurant on the island, eh??? Beauvais Kitchen, was it? Sounds interesting...and also very delicious, I might add. Anyways, can you please tell me a few exciting and intriguing things about it? Like, for example... how did the restaurant came to be? What's your family like? Are they also cooks who know how to make tasty and exotic Haitian meals like you?

A: Oh, yeah! My family is VERY hardworking. We harvest fruits and vegetables from our garden, and meat from our barn next door to create the ingredients for the dishes that we serve customers in Beauvais Kitchen. My older brother Francois also helps out, though he’s interested in joining the Paradaisian Army, which makes me a bit nervous. Anyway, you want a menu? I bet you’re starving!

Q: Dear Monique, what is it about Haiti that made you consider your plan of visiting that country someday?

A: Too many things to count. Did you know that Haiti is where the only successful slave revolt in history took place? Unfortunately, no one really appreciated that, and we’re paying the price for it to this day. Someday, I hope to enrich the home of my ancestors with Paradaisia’s resources. But I also want to see the beauty of Haiti that others try to not make you see. Did you ALSO know that the Paradise Palace and the Citadel of Paradaisia are modeled after the Citadelle Laferrière and the Sans-Souci Palace? I can’t wait to see both!

10) Questions for Suzanna Valenzuela:

Q: Dear Suzanna, so...I heard that you are a very talented fashion designer, huh??? So... tell me. What exactly inspired you to become a fashion designer, Suzanna? How long have you been honing your fashion designing skills, Suzanna?

A: I mean, what girl doesn’t love clothes, right? And few girls love clothes better than my mother, who is also a fashion designer. There was nothing she put on that I didn’t love, but it wasn’t until six that I drew my first original outfit. I’ve designed most of the clothes I’ve worn ever since, including my hair wraps for my hair. I’ve also designed quite a few of my teammates’ outfits.

Q: Dear Suzanna, you know... does anybody on your island ever tell you that you have long and gorgeous hair? I mean, seriously. It looks stylish and somewhat attractive. What's your secret?

A: Aww, gee, EVERYONE tells me that! I’ve grown it to this length since birth. I use all kinds of special methods to keep it strong and healthy, including castor oil provided by Monique. While I’m very proud of my hair, it has its challenges, which is why I sometimes wear head wraps. Some people think I’m shy about my hair when I wear them, though, but why would I be? It’s what makes me unique!

Q: Dear Suzanna, so...word on the waves is that your family is the owner of a rather well known and popular boutique on the island itself, eh??? Valenzuela Boutique, was it? So... can you please tell me a few exciting and intriguing things about it? Like, for example... how did the business came to be? What kind of clothes does your family's boutique specialize in? What's your family even like?

A: Valenzuela Boutique was my mother’s idea, though my father also helped create the business. We sell pretty much everything here, except perhaps winter clothes, because who needs THOSE in the Caribbean? For example, I designed my own swimsuit, as well as Ananya’s, Claudia’s and Monique’s swimsuits. And extra-long hair actually runs in all the females of our family, including my mother and my younger sister Sabrina. We love to take care of each other’s hair and style it in different ways.

Q: Dear Suzanna, what is it about Cuba that made you consider your plan of visiting that island someday?

A: It’s where my ancestors are from; could you blame me? I’ve asked Matthew if he wanted to come with me if I ever got the chance, but he’s a bit reluctant. I guess I can’t blame him, but I can’t help but to be curious. As a tourist, I’d love to catch a glimpse of a less complicated time, like more of those old cars and buildings in Old Havana. I’ll bet the Spanish architecture looks amazing!


And so, the Q and A session is over! You can also see this session in a new post on my DeviantArt page. As I said before, I will be compiling the founding Bermuda Adventurers' answers in a new FAQ section at the bottom of the Bermuda Adventures page shortly. If anyone else has any other questions about the series, those answers will be added to the FAQ section, and if anyone else has any questions about my other works, other FAQ sections will be added to the pages for those works as well. And if you have enough questions, I just might make another blog post like this one in the future. Just be aware that not every question may be answered, as the answers to some questions may reveal information that I'm not ready to reveal yet.

Until then, stay enlightened, educated and entertained, folks!