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Operation Awesome Is Feeling Lucky with March Luck! ☘️

Well, it's the start of March, and that means you’re probably looking forward to celebrating the culture and heritage of the Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. And while it may be a day of luck, Kendrick Blackwell certainly hasn’t been feeling very lucky lately. What do I mean? You’ll see soon enough, because the seventh chapter of Operation Awesome, titled "March Luck", has officially been released on the website!

But enough about that - let's get back to the story! Be prepared for a visit to an after-school club, an embarrassing visit to a women’s underwear store, and a grave new threat.

Hope you enjoyed the chapter, but this is far from the end of Kendrick's journey! Chapter Eight, titled “April Fools”, will be arriving on the website on April 1st. No, this is not a prank, but Kendrick will definitely be wishing he was being fooled when this story resumes.

Until then, stay enlightened, educated, and entertained, folks.

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