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Operation Awesome Gets Pranked with April Fools! 😜

What, did you think that I’d actually go back on my promise to release Chapter Eight of Operation Awesome as part of an elaborate April Fool’s Prank? Well, don’t worry, for while you can’t trust the rest of the Internet on this very untrustworthy day, you can certainly trust Naimoli Universe, because the eighth chapter of Operation Awesome, titled "April Fools", has officially been released on the website!

But enough about that - let's get back to the story! Be prepared for the formation of a group of bullies, a rift that is healed between two people, and a training regimen in preparation for what’s to come.

Hope you enjoyed the chapter, but Kendrick's journey is not over yet! Chapter Nine, titled “May Day! May Day!”, will be arriving on the website on May 1st. As for what's next, you can say that Kendrick will feel like crying mayday in much the same way a pilot does when this story resumes.

Until then, stay enlightened, educated, and entertained, folks.



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