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Introducing A Chapter Book Series: The Bermuda Adventures!

So, if you visited the old Naimoli Universe, you may have seen a post titled, "Introducing The Bermuda Adventures and More on Instagram!". In it, I revealed a promotional image of a children’s chapter book series I’m working on titled The Bermuda Adventures! Below is the logo, promotional image and current synopsis for the first book:

Johnny Summers can’t wait to go on vacation to Bermuda with Steven Waters and Kaitlin Flowers, his two best friends in the world! Getting away from detention, homework and his mean teacher Ms. Darnell? Enjoying smoothies, tanning, surfing and volleyball? What more could a kid ask for? But things take an unexpected turn when the plane flies into the Bermuda Triangle and crash lands in Paradaisia, a technologically advanced Pan-Caribbean island nation isolated from the rest of the world. At first, Johnny enjoys the fact that he and everyone else who crashes is allegedly stuck on the islands forever. But he begins to change his attitude when his parents are unable to contact the rest of his family. With the help of some new friends, it’s up to Johnny to prove himself to his parents and make them proud of him by enabling contact with the rest of the world. But it’s not so easy when a winter-obsessed boy is trying to plunge Paradaisia into an ice age – and releases an alien from a temple who seeks to create a colonial empire on Earth, with Paradaisia as its first colony!

I came up with the idea for The Bermuda Adventures way back in 2009, when I went to eat at a tropical-themed restaurant with my family. We sat at a table that was underneath a palm thatched roof, and it really got my imagination going. I pretended that we were in an actual village on an island, but my sister didn’t like it, and my parents told me to stop. I was disappointed, but I continued my imagination in my writing, and the rest was history. The series took on several iterations over the years, until it became a way for me to embrace my Haitian heritage. However, it is a celebration of the entire Caribbean region, as well as an escape from an often hectic world. I intend for it to be one of my more humorous works, while also tackling some of the darker things about what we often forget are more than mere vacation spots.

You can also see the logo, promotional image and synopsis on the Bermuda Adventures page, which include other content such as character design sheets of each of the characters. These are definitely not the only characters I’ve created for the series either. In fact, I’ve created at least a couple hundred characters for the Naimoli Universe since I started work on it at ten years old, so expect this to only be the beginning as I reveal more of my properties. I will also show them here in the gallery below, though for the purposes of post length, you're going to have to check the Bermuda Adventures page for the character descriptions.

Are you interested in The Bermuda Adventures? There is still much to reveal about the series that you may be curious about, but be aware that because I still want to keep something a surprise before publication, there are some questions that I am not willing to answer for the foreseeable future. I will be compiling the answers to any questions in a FAQ section at the bottom of the Bermuda Adventures page. Also be aware that even with the public reveal of my work, I am still working on it and thus it is still subject to change. I am open to criticism as long as it is constructive, which allows for healthy changes to my work.

Let me know what you think, and as usual, stay enlightened, educated and entertained, folks.

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