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Introducing A New Instagram For A New Naimoli Universe!

Hello everyone, and I am happy to announce that I have joined Instagram under the account @naimoliuniverse. This is where I will be revealing the body of my content first before I release it here on the site!

So, you may be wondering: why have I joined Instagram? Well, college has taught me that among social media websites, Instagram is the site that publishers tend to search the most. So, on top of having a website dedicated to my artwork like this one, I’m also going to need an Instagram to increase my chances of getting noticed by publishers. The trick is to link your posts to those that publishers may already be looking at, so they may find you as well. It’s certainly a new experience for me for sure, but it’s one that I’m quite excited about. As far as what content I’ve revealed first is? Well, if you check out my Instagram now, you’ll see that I either removed or replaced all of the content that was previously there, namely the character design sheets of the Bermuda Adventures characters. They were older versions of the current character design sheets from before I fixed my Same Face Syndrome, which I explained on the blog. I intended to replace them with the current character design sheets, but this was before I found out that you can't replace the image in an Instagram post, which caught me off guard.

So, given that I may make changes in the design of a character should feedback warrant it, I don't want my Instagram content to ever get too outdated. As a result, I will no longer be posting character design sheets to Instagram, but will do so instead on this site and my DeviantArt. I felt as though character design sheets don't offer much variety in the overall appearance of an Instagram page, anyway. Because of this, I will be posting just about all other kinds of artwork that I make. My first post is still an introductory post to my account, albeit with my updated avatar. My second post is still the Bermuda Adventures poster, albeit with the updated designs. My third post is still the Bermuda Adventures world map, albeit the updated version. My fourth post, however, is the image of the Three-Boards, the only post which I left unchanged. As for the fifth post onwards? Well, you're going to have to check the Instagram itself to find out. These images can also be seen on the Bermuda Adventures page. If you don't want to actually go on the Instagram itself, you can also check out the Instagram widget. It is now on the site's homepage, which even features a "Load More" button to check out past posts.

Let me know what you think of the new Instagram, and as usual, stay enlightened, educated and entertained, folks.

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