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Introducing A New Graphic Novel Series: The Cosmorphs!

Hello everyone, and you may have seen on my Instagram and Ko-Fi the official reveal of a graphic novel series I'm working on titled The Cosmorphs! Below is the logo, promotional image and current synopsis for the first book:

When she was three, Christina Sparkleton's mother was allegedly abducted by aliens. For eight years, she wondered exactly what happened to her, and now, she may finally get the chance to investigate. A couple years ago, a new alien spacecraft crashed to Roswell, New Mexico, and unlike the previous incident, its authenticity has been proven. After the ship was excavated in a failed attempt to get any new information about extraterrestrial life, it was turned into a museum, and Christina’s class is going on a field trip there. Christina is eager to visit the site with her friends Roxanne Gutierrez and Diego Espinosa. There, they make a discovery that the authorities never found: a mysterious orb that gives Christina the ability to morph into gemstones to control the elements; Roxanne the ability to morph technology and stretch using her clothes, and Diego the ability to morph into any animal on any planet. They soon meet a would-be alien king named Philniln Nixilxiln, who warns them about an intergalactic warlord that is heading to Earth to take the orb from them as part of his plans to send the order of the universe into disarray. In order to stop him, Christina, Roxanne, and Diego decide to form the Cosmorphs, preserving the order of the cosmos and their hometown of Albuquerque while Christina searches the cosmos for her mother. Some of it will be exciting, and some of it will be terrifying - but one thing is for sure: it will be a field trip these kids will never forget!⁠

The origin of The Cosmorphs can be traced back to 2007, when my fifth-grade teacher handed out issues of National Geographic Kids Magazine to the class. I loved these magazines and collected each issue, when one day, my teacher gave the class an issue with a section about gemstones. On the last page of the issue was a list of birthstones, which began my fascination with gemstones. I loved how they were all in different colors and had these different powers that people believed they used to have. In fact, I loved the concept so much that I was inspired to create a character that had the ability to access these powers, which led me to begin work on a new creation called The Cosmorphs. I developed the concept of the series for a couple of years until 2009, when it took on its first iteration called The Formchangers. I then developed the concept of the series for a few more years until it took on the version you see here. But The Cosmorphs is about far more than just gemstones. It is my most sci-fi series yet, with much of it being set in outer space, but it’s not your typical space opera. It relies on real scientific, astronomical and cosmological concepts for its worldbuilding while offering philosophical questions about the morality of mankind.

In October, I will be launching a new subpage titled "The Cosmorphs" under the Comics page, where you can see the logo, promotional image and synopsis, as well as character design sheets of some of the characters, including some of the forms Christina takes on when she uses her gemstones’ powers, which are called “crystallines”. Also, if you go on my Ko-Fi now, you will notice that my series called Roxanne Gutierrez’s Guide to The Galaxy is available by offering a $5 donation each month, which sees Roxanne documenting the different alien species the characters encounter on their interstellar journeys. Each week beginning later this month, I will release a new installment in the series for free on Instagram and DeviantArt before the free installments will be complied on the Cosmorphs page. The character design sheets are still in development, so for now, I will just show the official artwork for the characters and crystallines here in the galleries below and update this post once they have been completed. Since I am only posting a few character design sheets at once like I did for Captain Console, I will also include the character descriptions.


  • Christina Sparkleton – The leader of the Cosmorphs and the main protagonist of the series, who upon exposure to the Macrocosm Orb, received its Elemental Component and became one with the elementary substance and body of the macrocosm, which gave her the Macrocosm Necklace that allows her to unleash the hidden powers of gemstones by assuming forms called “crystallines”. She helps preserve the order of the cosmos and her hometown of Albuquerque while searching the cosmos for her mother, who she believes was abducted by aliens when she was three.

  • Roxanne Gutierrez – A Laguna Pueblo member of the Cosmorphs and Christina’s best friend, who upon exposure to the Macrocosm Orb, received its Technological Component and became one with the Empyreal and mind of the macrocosm, which gave her the Macrocosm Clay that allows her elasticity, invulnerability and shapeshifting into any technology ever imagined. She helps preserve the order of the cosmos and her hometown of Albuquerque while documenting her research of every race in the galaxy in a book titled Roxanne Gutierrez’s Guide to The Galaxy.

  • Diego Espinosa – A Hispano member of the Cosmorphs and a friend of Christina’s, who upon exposure to the Macrocosm Orb, received its Spiritual Component and became one with the ethereal heaven and spirit of the macrocosm, which gave him the Macrocosm Soul that allows him to transform into any feral life form in the galaxy, acquiring their powers and abilities. He helps preserve the order of the cosmos and his hometown of Albuquerque while setting out to fulfill his dream of being an astronaut, thrilled to discover that extraterrestrials exist.

  • King Philniln Nixilxiln – A Yofiv Kozmikian who shares power with King Kilome as the ruler of the planet Komikia after the complete transfer of power failed upon an altercation with Master Chaos and the Macrocosm Orb, which resulted in the creation of the Cosmorphs. He now serves as the adult guardian of the Cosmorphs in the hope of preserving the integrity of the Komikian government to allow for the completion of the transfer of power, so he can completely become king.


  • Garnet – The Weather Gemstone. As Garnet, Christina can control the weather by absorbing the negative energy of people that may have been under the weather, making them happy, and then converting that negative energy into actual weather. The gem gets its power from the belief that they could improve mental health.

  • Amethyst – The Defense Gemstone. As Amethyst, Christina can create a wall made of any metallic alloy she wishes so that even the most powerful of villains can’t break through. Once they tire, Christina can cast iron nets from her hands to trap foes. The gem gets its power from its composition of iron atoms.

  • Aquamarine – The Hydro Gemstone. Aquamarine has control over water and Christina can transform herself into water. She can make weapons of compressed water, tsunamis, water torpedoes and all other kinds of water-based things. The gem gets its power from the “aqua” part of its name, which means “water”.

  • Diamond – King of Gemstones. Diamond gives Christina the ability to manipulate electricity and can trigger thunderstorms and thunderbolts at foes. As diamond is the hardest gemstone, Christina gains an imperviousness to injury, with only other diamonds being able to wound her while she is Diamond. The gem gets its power from it being the hardest gemstone and the belief that they were created by lightning.

  • Emerald – The Medical Gemstone. Emerald can heal anything, even incurable diseases and the worst of mental conditions and injuries in seconds. Due to the nature of Emerald’s abilities, Christina rarely uses this gem offensively. The gem gets its power from the belief that they had healing powers.

  • Pearl – The Organism Gemstone. Pearl has the ability to control animals, and Christina can also morph her body into an unstoppable wrecking pearl by concealing herself in oyster shells that can adjust their size. The gem gets its power from being one of the only gemstones made by animals.

  • Ruby – The Magical Gemstone. As Ruby, Christina suddenly becomes so intelligent to the point that her mind grants her psychic powers. Christina can also manipulate the intelligence of individuals as well. The gem gets its power from its various purported mystical properties.

  • Peridot – The Atmospheric Gemstone. Peridot can manipulate wind and can control gravity, allowing Christina to fly by reducing it. She can make people and objects fly as well regardless of weight, and she can also absorb and project heat. The crystalline form also gives Christina a tight suit that feels warm, being designed for temperature extremes. The gem gets its power from its absorption of gases such as carbon dioxide, which helps to stop climate change.

  • Sapphire – The Super Strength Gemstone. The gem has super strength and when Christina uses this gem she doubles in height and many times more in muscle. She can also grow even bigger, with the limits to this growth being unclear. Christina can also make others grow similarly, though the size and muscle in these people wears off when Christina transforms back. The gem gets its power from the belief that a giant sapphire held the Earth.

  • Opal - The Superpowered Gemstone. When Christina uses this gem, she can use all of the powers of all other gems as a gigantic beam capable of destroying targets as large as a gigantic intergalactic battleship in a matter of seconds. It is Christina's most powerful crystalline. The gem gets its power from it coming in many different colors, thus causing the belief that they had the powers of all other gems.

  • Topaz – The Pyrokinetic Gemstone. As Topaz, Christina can manipulate fire in various ways. She can blow fire from her mouth and hands or can fly by blasting it from her feet like a rocket. A long pole with fire at each end allows physical combat, and a huge flame comes from the top of her head in the crystalline form. Blue topaz makes the fire blue. The gem gets its power from its name, which means “fire”, as well as the belief that it provides protection from fire.

  • Turquoise – The Subzero Gemstone. As Turquoise, Christina can manipulate ice and snow which allows her to create hailstorms, blizzards, frostbite, and other phenomena. The gem gets its power from its icy-blue color and its association with the cold month of December.

Are you interested in The Cosmorphs? Like The Bermuda Adventures and Captain Console, there is still much to reveal about the series that you may be curious about, but be aware that because I still want to keep something a surprise before publication, there are some questions that I am not willing to answer for the foreseeable future. I will be compiling the answers to any questions in a FAQ section at the bottom of the Cosmorphs page. Also be aware that even with the public reveal of my work, I am still working on it and thus it is still subject to change. I am open to criticism as long as it is constructive, which allows for healthy changes to my work.

Let me know what you think, and as usual, stay enlightened, educated and entertained, folks.

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