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Become a Subscriber to Experience the Full Naimoli Universe!

Hello everyone, and I have an abrupt announcement to make. I have decided to discontinue Ko-Fi and have instead created a subscription right here on Naimoli Universe, which is where I will now be revealing most of my content first before I release it anywhere else!

Now, you may be wondering: why did I leave Ko-Fi? You see, although I was getting followers on Ko-Fi, no one has bought me a coffee since I launched it despite months of promoting it, much like how no one became a patron during the time I was on Patreon. Deleting Ko-Fi was an easier decision to come to than deleting Patreon though. Why? Because this new shift enables me to better centralize my content, which makes it highly unlikely I will leave my own website for somewhere else. I'm also no longer concerned about having to update it every month, since there is more than enough paid content at this point to enjoy for at least a month or two.

As for what this means for my actual content, the following changes have been made:

  • You can now make an account on Naimoli Universe! The menu has been shifted to the left to make room for a "Log In" link on the right. Making an account is the only way to purchase a subscription. The account itself comes with several new features:

    • An Account Settings page, where you can view and edit your personal information (your first name, last name and email address).

    • A Subscriptions page, where you can view and manage the subscriptions that you've purchased.

    • A Notifications page, where you can see a list of notifications regarding payments and other updates.

    • A Wallet page, where you can save your credit and debit card details for faster checkout.

    • A Notification Settings page, where you can choose the notifications that you want to get.

  • Buying a subscription is the only way you'll be able to access the new Exclusives page (the menu was also shifted to the left to make room for the link to that page). This is where you can actually access most of the content that becomes accessible after buying a subscription.

  • All of my paid content can now be accessed for $10 a month, even if the paid content was behind a $5 paywall when it was on Ko-Fi.

As for what each of the benefits mean:

  • Exclusive access to Operation Awesome: You can still read the first chapter of Operation Awesome for free. However, Chapters Two through Ten can now be accessed via the Exclusives page with a subscription. The Operation Awesome page has been updated with a link to purchasing the subscription. I know that this change may not be ideal to those that may have still been reading the book at the time the change was made. But realistically, Operation Awesome shouldn't have been able to be viewed in its entirety for free for this long to begin with. I do hope that this encourages people to buy a subscription.

  • Exclusive access to character design guides: My character design guides can now be accessed via the Exclusives page with a subscription.

  • Exclusive access to certain news posts: Because Chapters Two through Ten of Operation Awesome can now be accessed via the Exclusives page with a subscription, the news posts announcing the releases of those chapters can now also be accessed with a subscription.

  • Early access to new Sammy Specificspif comic strips: You can now read all of the strips in the current Sammy Specificspif comic strip arc, as well as all of the strips in the next arc once all the strips in the previous arc are released on Twitter and Threads via the Exclusives page with a subscription. The Sammy Specificspif page has been updated with a link to purchasing the subscription. Keep in mind that I may not always be able to maintain early access content, however.

I hope you understand why I made the changes that I made. But it will ultimately lead to me producing better content for you, the fans, and that's what I'm excited about the most. Hopefully, with enough of your financial support, I will eventually be able to launch my first sellable product, a print version of a Sammy Specificspif comic strip compilation titled Sammy Specificspif #1: Taking It Literally! Below is the front cover to the planned book:

So, will you buy a subscription? I hope this yields better results for me than both Ko-Fi and Patreon did. Whether you were following me on Ko-Fi or not, it will be an honor to receive your support.

Until then, stay enlightened, educated and entertained, folks!

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