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Captain Console

A graphic novel series about a boy who gains video game powers that he uses to save Los Angeles!

Captain Console Logo

Okay, let’s just get this out of the way: Elijah Bolton was never quite your average kid. Even before he became even less average, he was living life as a wealthy 11-year-old African American boy in Los Angeles. He loves video games, dreaming of becoming a game tester. His father is a computer programmer, and his mother is a globe-trotting journalist, who made him become a kid reporter for the entertainment magazine The Monthly Arcade. Not exactly what he asked for, but it could be worse. But Elijah would get much more than he asked for when his mother, impressed with his journalism, bought him one of the most highly anticipated consoles of the year after a months-long wait. When he put his new game inside, he got exposed to strange electrical surges, which sucked him inside the Videoverse, the world of video games! These surges not only gave Elijah superpowers, but it enabled video game villains to leave their games for the real world! In order to thwart these villains from wreaking havoc on Earth, Elijah now dons the moniker of Captain Console, protecting both the Videoverse and the state of California from all kinds of evil! In the meantime, Elijah writes stories about the very superhero he has become for The Monthly Arcade, while keeping his identity a secret to everyone but those in the video game who forged his heroic alter ego. It couldn’t get any better than this – until he crosses paths with the vengeful developer that gave him his powers to start with!


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